A Helpful Tool to Buying The Perfect Gift

It can be so tough to find the perfect gift for someone you don’t know that well. Sure, you could just ask them what they want, but what happens when they say respond, “Oh, I like everything!” or “Don’t worry, I don’t need anything!” NOT HELPFUL!

I know, I know, we all like to be modest and humble, especially when it comes to telling someone what we actually want. Take me, for instance… My love language is NOT gifts. It’s quality time/intentionality. How does one wrap that in a bow?

Having crossed this bridge one too many times, I wanted to find a simpler, more mindful way of learning about these special people in my life. Sure, I could go generic and get a Target Gift Card, but I also felt called to get something a bit more personal now and then. I really wanted my gifts, even the small ones, to be reflective of their actual wants and/or needs.

Knowing I am not alone in this conundrum and hoping to save at least a few stores on their return packaging, I created “A Few Of My Favorite Things” Worksheet, the simple tool to buying the perfect, thoughtful gift.

“A Few of My Favorite Things” was initially crafted with the intent of sharing with my son’s preschool teachers. Amid the pandemic and with limited contact allowed, I needed a way to get to know them a bit better AND show my gratitude for the extra measures they were taking to help care for him while I was away. Asking them to tell me about their favorite things at pick up line just didn’t feel quite right…

But, in crafting this worksheet, I realized that this concept is easy transferrable to almost anyone in your life. Take your employees, for instance. I once had a boss who would randomly put our favorite candy bar or treat in our mailboxes every now and then. She was like our very own Easter Bunny and her thoughtfulness was something I always admired. Or, our mail carrier… he sure deserves an extra thank you or two after the long hours and heavy packages delivered day-in and day-out!

These gifts, while not very big, went a long way in making a difference in my life. It brought alittle extra sunshine to my everyday and helped me to know that someone cared for me. (Can you believe $1 or $2 can do that?)

Below you’ll find three “A Few Of My Favorite Things” Worksheets to use as you see fit. There is the Teacher Edition, Employee Edition, and General Edition.

I hope these will help ease your holiday headaches and create a little more sunshine in someone else’s life. It’s truly not about the size of the gift, but the thought that counts!

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